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Robocat Rampage is a full 3D indie game made by Luke Turvey. Music by DJ Cure of Aufect Recordings

NEWS FEED: JUMP HIGHER, RUN FASTER with new character, SEEDER! Update your apps now!!

robocat rampage
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Luke, the creator of Robocat Rampage has been busy creating his new game Pixel Cat Adventure. The story of a white pixel cat becoming the pilot of CITYCRUSHER for Robocat Rampage. It's a fun 2D pixel game with modern control system. Give it a try, it's free for iPhone and Android.

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Cats In Space

Cats In Space:

The Incredible Space Shooter Game

Luke made his third game Cats In Space: The Incredible Space Shooter Game. Cute kitties dast off thier astronaut suit and flies off into space for the first time ever to defend their planet from approching alien hordes! Available on iTunes.

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robocat rampage
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