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Cats In Space is Luke's third game title, entirely written in objective C.

It's a fun space shooter game with cute cat astronauts.

You can collect:

blue gem shields blue gems for shields
red gem lazer power up red gems for lazer power ups
golden coin more lives golden coin for more lives!

There are alot of enemies in the space, including massive bosses!

Cruise along in the space with cool music made by Luke's friend, DJ Cure - Aufect Recordings.

The song is called "Sound The Alarm"


-June 2014

Luke is starting a kickstarter campaign to support expantion of this game, stay tuned and please have fun playing the game!

Cats In Space is released on iTunes, for all iPhones and iPads users. Download it on iTunes!

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Meet the cats:

Rocket rocket rocket
commander Koneko Meowy Meowface Shinobi Q
Commander Koneko Meowy Meowface Shinobi Q
Legend says when the forest of the cats faces danger from above, one cat will save the world. Koneko is that cat. A hero without hesitation. One fateful day, Meowy accidentally activated an ancient spacecraft. Except this was no accident,. It was destiny. A cosmic war was beginning. Only the truly enlightened ones can channel the power of this mystical flying weapon. Luckily, Shinobi Q is descended from the real ninjas.

The Story:

This story takes place millions of years in the future. In this time, our grand human civilization has long ago crumbled away to become a forgotten history.

Now in our place an intelligent cat society has arisen. These cats live united in worldwide peace. Never have they seen war.

Many thousands of years ago the cats developed amazing science and technological designs beyond the limits of human imagination.

The cats made advanced spacecraft and made many more wonderful inventions but being cats they soon abandoned these noisy things.

These days, the cats spend all their time napping in the sun. They eat the plentiful fish,
and cultivate their catnip fields.

Now for the first time, this wonderful cat civilization faces a danger from above!
Brave cats are stepping forward to be the first space heroes.

The best of cat's long abandoned spaceships are dusted off
and quickly brought to repair.

Only the best cats will pilot these untested ancient spacecraft
to defend their world against the incoming threats.

At the end of time, one cat will save the world!!!

Enemy Gallery: Can you beat them all?

enemy enemy2 enemy3 enemy4 enemy5
Grippa Mossa Space Mine Fleejee Masato
enemy6 enemy7 enemy8 enemy9 enemy10
Skullface Megabytah Pumpit Skreechard Red Starbug
enemy11 enemy12 minion minion2 cathulhu
Angeleyes Gelloh Miss Squid Mister Squid Cthulhu
rocat top pixel cat top cats in space top Okaycat Fonts WAdE1 Clothing
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