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Pixel Cat Adventure
pixel cat adventure
pixel cat adventure


Luke, the creator of Robocat Rampage has been busy creating his new game Pixel Cat Adventure. The story of a white pixel cat becoming the pilot of CITYCRUSHER for Robocat Rampage. It's a fun 2D pixel game with modern control system. Give it a try, it's FREE for iPhone and Android.

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New lavel! Ancient ruins with helicat

-May 2014

New Level has arrived! Two kitties go through an ancient ruin, discovers the Helicat, the sweet ride. Can you beat the big attacks from humans and squids teaming up? Update your app meow!

New label! lasers mask!

-January 2014

New Level has arrived! Save a kitty friend from squid's big attack!Squid Luke's busy making the next level right now. Luke will introduce a vehicle next level!

New lavel!lasers mask!

-November 2013

Pew Pew!! Space cat Space cat gives you a LAZER mask! Fight against squids that landed on a farm!

-October 2013
New levels (Dog park and Junk yard) has arrived!!

Dog Parkjunkyard

-September 2013
Level music has been added! Music by Roof Party (Liam Eagle)


An intergalactic war rages across our universe and beyond! The space cats are an ancient hyperintelligence. They are the gentle caretakers of all planets.Space cat

Yet now the peaceful worlds of the space cats are under threat by the tyrannical regime of the squid. The squids use a mind control to make other species into their minions.SquidSquidSquid

From a distance, the squids have shaped human culture for ages, changing humans into a war-like species toiling to shift the planet's climate for the squids eventual arrival.

Brave catOne brave little cat begins an epic journey when a squid warship crashlands on Earth. The squids have never visited Earth so become more eager to exploit its vast resources.

Upon landing here, the squids are alarmed to also discover a species of cat exists on Earth. Immediately the squids make all life on Earth become enemy of cats!

The squids make it their top priority to subjugate the cats of Earth, fearing Earth cats could pose future hindrance to their dominance of this sector of space.

Pixel Cat Adventure
robocat rampage
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