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You are brave pilot of a CTYCRSHR-class giant robocat. Your job is to restore eco of gardens facing trouble.



From the higher dimensions, space-cats observe all planets. All planets are their gardens. Every 5126 years the cats awake! The cats arrive to see if their gardens are growing nicely. If dirty cities appear on a planet, cats work to rescue that garden.


Join the space cats to rescue nature & stop eco-disaster. Giant robot cats are crushing all cities, so nature can survive & grow again! For space cats, this is simple garden work. The goal of each giant robot cat is to clean up the planet. Skillful pilots aim to score a 'nature perfect' on every job, by not harming any tree, bush, or flower. Malfunctioning robots which cause eco-disaster are promptly collapsed into hyperspace & the mission is lost!

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Animals are bothered by noise, pollution & loss of their habitat! They need you to crush the cities & avoid eco-disaster. After crushing, go find the animal to check if your mission is completed. When the goal of eco points is reached, your robot can advance to new gardens!

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Crush All Vehicles:

Your giant robot cat is ready to destroy all vehicles. The space cats have identified vehicles as a prime source of dirty air & noise pollution. Eliminating vehicles is a good way to gain eco points & will help you with reaching your goals.

Defeat All Military:

Nobody expected space cats. The military is not ready, yet scrambles to strike back. Your garden work is misunderstood to be an extraterrestrial attack upon civilization. Caution to all pilots: be aware your robot cat can be damaged by military strikes, fire & explosions!

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Destroy All Buildings:

Destroy dirty factories & other pollution sources to get a big bonus to your eco points. Some buildings take a few hits, so keep stomping and clawing until each one is gone. Be careful, as explosions & fire from demolition work can damage your robot cat.


Save The Forest:

Your robot cat must crush these vehicles quickly to avoid losing eco points. Stop them before they chop down more forest. These vehicles are always working to cut down trees & clearing land to build more cities. They even steal material from nature to make more buildings!

tree eaters
water swimmers

Eliminate Water Hazards:

Some water vehicles are hazardous military. Most of these are no threat to your giant robot cat, but still must be removed. The water has become very dirty & noisy. The fish are scared & many fish have disappeared. Space cats demand this be stopped!

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Stop Oil Spills:

The space cats call these ones 'red swimmers'. Giant robot cats can not be used to crush oil tankers, because this would make all the oil leak out! Robot pilots are advised to not crush oil tankers. Crush everything in the tanker's way to avoid this eco-disaster!

Clear The Sky:

The flying vehicles are very loud & disturb the sleep of animals. These leave dirty trails in the air. Some of them are dangerous, yet your giant robot cat can remove any airborne vehicle. Some are flying high but a jumping cat can get them with the claws!


Know The Future:

As the great cycle moves forward, the garden pests become stranger & more fierce. These things definitely don't belong in a garden. It's dangerous out there so be ready for anything. Be a good cat in the gardens & you might just find the source of their madness!

robocat rampage
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